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Come Join the Challenge!

The Camp Hollis Team Challenge Course consists of a full Low ropes (002)
Elements Course and a full High Elements Circuit Style Ropes 
Course. Both courses are available as either individual or combined 
programs in half day or full day time slots. Camp Hollis' Ropes
Course Staff are professionally tr
ained and required to review
skills before each season begins. The ropes course staff approach
each program with an individualized program fit to meet the
specific needs of your group.


From just for fun to sports team building, business retreats and anywhere in between, Camp Hollis' Team Challenge Course is a perfect way to engage with others and learn about yourself. Taking an experiential education and hands on approach, our ropes course staff can help guide you and your group through an experience you can refer to and lean on for future learning and bonding.

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Teambuilding Elements of the Challenge Course:

  • Swinging Log - 20-foot log suspended 1 foot off the ground between two trees. The object is to have each team member walk the full length of the log.

  • Islands - Three 5x5-foot platforms are set 8 feet apart from each other. Using only three, 7-foot planks of wood, the goal is to get a group from platform to platform without touching the ground.

  • Trust Fall Platforms - A group stands in two lines next to each other, shoulder to shoulder with their arms outstretched, in order to help spot and support the person who falls. The person falls backward into group members' arms from about 4 feet off the ground.

  • Whale Watch - An extra large "teeter-totter" structure in which the teams must try to balance by only standing on the farthest edges from the center.

  • Nitro Crossing - Two 4x4-foot platforms are set 12 feet apart. Using only a rope, the team must get its members from one platform to the other without touching the ground.

  • Tension Traverse - Walking on a triangle of suspended cable wire, the object is to get around the triangle using only one hanging rope to balance.

  • The Wall - Get your entire team up and over a 12-foot wall!

  • Hickory Jump - A group stands in two lines next to each other, shoulder to shoulder with their arms outstretched, in order to help spot and support the person who jumps. The person will jump forward from a small staircase that is four feet from the ground.


  • All Aboard - The group must figure out a way to fit all members on a 2x2-foot platform for five seconds without touching the ground.

  • Spider Web - The object is to get your team through a spider web of strings, which has varying sizes of holes and is strung between two trees, without touching the ground or strings.

  • Multi-Vine - The object is to get from one end of the 20-foot long cable wire that is suspended one foot off the ground using four dangling ropes.

  • Mohawk Walk - Six lengths of cable wire connect six trees. The object is to get your team from one end of the wires to the other end without breaking a physical connection of the team.

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The Camp Hollis Team Challenge Course requires that a trained staff member facilitate the group.

Groups reserving the course may either pay a nominal fee for Camp Hollis to provide a facilitator, or groups may provide someone from their staff with proof of Challenge Course Facilitator Training.

For more information about reserving the Team Challenge Course and other Camp Hollis programs, contact Oswego County Parks and Recreation at 315-349-3451.

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Registration and Fee Information

Youth Groups and Youth Serving Agencies

1/2 Day (suggested 4 hours): $95
Full Day (suggested 8 hours): $180

Adult Groups

1/2 Day (suggested 4 hours): $355
Full Day (suggested 8 hours): $500

In order to get the most out of the Challenge Course Experience, adult groups are defined as 8-20 persons. Any group over 20 people will be split into two or more groups and each additional group will be charged $20 under the full price.

Please contact Zach Grulich at 315-349-3450 for more information and to go over goals for your group, as well as to reserve a date for the Challenge Course.

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