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Thank you for making the important decision to send your child to a camp with a tradition of teaching stewardship for the environment, developing positive self-images, and creating memories that will last a life-time. Since 1946, Camp Hollis has been renowned for providing exceptional services for youth of Oswego County and Central New York. Camp is a special place where we meet new friends, build friendships, and have fun! With a variety of activities and imagination, this opportunity is sure to engage and create memories that last a lifetime. Send your camper to Camp Hollis this summer so they can slow down, unplug, and see what the simple life is all about!

At Camp Hollis, the camp staff and I are dedicated to constantly providing new and positive life changing programs and experiences for youth that allow them to grow and create lasting memories. We have some great things planned for this, our 75th year. Camp Hollis offers something for everyone, and I encourage you to allow your child to grow at camp.

I am proud to serve you and your children as the Coordinator of Recreation and Youth Development for Oswego County, overseeing operations at Camp Hollis, and I look forward to working with your family. Please, never hesitate to contact me with any questions!

Zach Grulich
Director, Camp Hollis
Youth Bureau- Camp Hollis Office:  315-349-3450
Camp Office: 315-349-3241 (May – November)

For more information about Camp Hollis including what to expect, what to pack, how to contact your camper, and much more, check out our Camp Hollis 2020 Parent Handbook

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